Rua De Anjuna
Anjuna, Goa

A set of small yet self-sufficient houses with access to the ground, the difficult geometry of the site is taken advantage of in creating six unique units – each with special features. Designed as variations of a theme, the houses step back as they rise making way for lush green canopies of old trees that are retained on the site with ample semi-open and open spaces on all levels. The setbacks are imagined as small, richly landscaped gardens. Large, glazed openings and dutch windows bring in ample light with an occasional double-height space that connects floors internally. The units compose a small community. Each house gets access to the two essential elements – the earth and the sky. 


Project Type: Residential 
Client: Amit Saxena and Anil Khanna
Engineer: Rajesh Mahambrey & Associates, Goa
Civil Contractor: Girish
Year of Initiation: 2018
Location: Anjuna, Goa
Design Team: Advaith Mani, Ankit George, Saicharan Kalyanaraman, Vishwa Patel, Rishiraj Sarkar, Ruturaj Parikh
Site Area: 1355 Sq M
Built-Up Area: 810 Sq M
Status: In Process
Images and Drawings: Studio Matter

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