Moving School

Moving School is an organisation that runs independent charitable schools in Goa and Gujarat for communities that find access to education difficult for their children. This specific proposal is an outcome of a joint workshop with the stakeholders from the Moving School for a prototype to be built cheaply and effectively in the desert-plains Kutch for the local pastoral communities. The design employs a floating roof on a pyramidal space-frame that enables the breeze to remove surplus hot air and the walls with fine-mesh openings serve as a screen for the dust while allowing air to pass. Designed as load-bearing structures the ‘classrooms’ are clustered around a community courtyard.

Project Type: Educational Facility
Clients: Moving School; Mette Lange Architects
Location: Kutch, Gujarat
Design Team: Nimish Salekar, Hrushita Davey, Ruturaj Parikh
Site Area: NA
Built-Up Area: 36 Sq. M Per Unit
Status: Conceptual Proposal
Images: Studio Matter