Unbuilt Correa

Titled ‘Buildings as Ideas: The Unbuilt Works of Charles Correa’, the exhibition and an extensive catalog was first presented and published by the Charles Correa Foundation in 2016 at the Gallery MMB, Max Muller Bhavan at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. The exhibition, curated by Nondita Correa Mehrotra and designed by Ratan J Batliboi Consultants was open to public for two months. In the gallery space, a sweeping timeline that captured the prolific oeuvre of Charles Correa on one wall, and a selection of projects on the other, sandwiched seven ‘lineages’ – tables with a curated collection of projects that represented a unique idea-thread pulled out from the body of work. The study-exhibition and the catalog commemorated the significance of intellectual content in the work of Charles Correa. A reprint of the catalog, designed with minor edits and additions was published in 2017 at the Z-Axis International Conference.

Initiative: Exhibition and Publication
Dates of Exhibition: March 2016
Curator: Nondita Correa Mehrotra; Curatorial Consultant: Kaiwan Mehta
Research: Abhinav Wakhle, Kanika Jamdar, Anubhuti Chandna, Vignesh Harikrishnan and Ruturaj Parikh
Publisher: Charles Correa Foundation (2017)
Exhibition Design: Ratan J Batliboi Consultants: Ratan Batliboi, Mandar Karmakar, Sohni Rao
Publication Design: Ruturaj Parikh
Printing: JAK Printers Private Limited
ISBN: 978-81-934620-0-3