Orchard House
Assagao, Goa

Located on a site engulfed in lush vegetation, the Orchard House is designed with contextual sensitivity, sitting delicately on a narrow part of the site, which was previously used as a vegetable garden. The simplistic, load-bearing structure assimilates the residence with the vegetation around it, retaining all the trees on site using a calculated programme and a precisely carved courtyard. A large, floor-to-ceiling asymmetric frame captures and enables light and breeze to permeate the sanctum of the Orchard house – physically and visually linking it towards the old house and existing pavilion located towards the north.

Towards the south of the residence, where the vegetation is denser and more overgrown, an elegant IPS pool rests gently in the earth, allowing the users a chance to discover the secluded pool pavilion which seems to subtly amalgamate itself completely to its surroundings. This discovery is akin to finding a lush oasis in the heart of a dense jungle, with its azure water reflecting the bright blue sky of the tropical Goan coastline.

Project Type: Private Residence
Clients: Lakshmi Menon and Suhel Seth
Engineer: Rajeev Shah
Civil Contractor: Amirchand Pandit
Steel Fabricator: Laxmi Metal Art
Carpentry: Jitendra Sharma
Electrical Work: Abdul Kalam
Plumbing: Sonu
IPS Flooring: Abdul Rahman, Arvind Pandit
Location: Assagao, Goa
Initiation Date: August, 2021
Completion Date: July, 2022
Design Team: Ankit George, Ruturaj Parikh
Site Area: 5025 sq.m.
Built-Up Area: 120 sq.m.
Pool Built-Up Area: 260 sq.m.
Status: Complete
Photos: Studio Matter

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