Shrine at Asaon

Under the patronage of the local care-taker family, a small shrine in the village of Asaon had much cultural significance for the village. A plinth with a deity, the original street-side shrine was redesigned keeping the deity intact and by enclosing the sacred place with a brick Jaali screen. Keeping the expression secular and by refraining from using any religious iconography, the new shrine and the public space are designed in monolithic brick. The steps integrate the community centre next-door and enable the creation of a small urban space for the community to gather, children to play and elderly to rest.

Project Type: Public Space, Religious, Rural Intervention
Clients: Sanjiv Kumar, Parivartan Campus Siwan
Location: Asaon Village, Siwan, Bihar
Design Team: Nimish Salekar, Ruturaj Parikh
Site Area: Shrine: 16 Sq. M; Podium: 40 Sq. M
Built-Up Area: 16 Sq. M
Status: Complete
Photographs: Ruturaj Parikh; Studio Matter