Restoration of Village Well
Siwan, Bihar

The historic well in question was built about three hundred years back using ‘Lahori bricks’ – a special variety of flat cakes that was prevalent in western India. When discovered, the well was completely silted and the place around was full of acacia overgrowth. The design process involved careful restoration, de-silting and recharge of the well along with the articulation of a small commemorative public space to protect and create awareness about the water body. The set of steps and retaining structures, apart from protecting the well also serve as a place for the community to gather around through the day.

Project Type: Restoration and Public Intervention
Clients: Sanjiv Kumar, Parivartan Campus Siwan
Location: Asaon Village, Siwan, Bihar
Design Team: Nimish Salekar, Ruturaj Parikh
Site Area: Shrine: 65 sqm
Built-Up Area: NA
Status: Complete
Photographs: Ruturaj Parikh; Studio Matter