Waste Wagon

Goa plays a host to many national and international events. Many of these events occupy temporary pop-up venues where managing waste is a challenge. Moreover, it is very difficult for the authorities to enforce on-site segregation in event venues and small, remote settlements that do not have a facility to locally segregate waste. On the other side, the state sends may passenger buses to the morgue each year, owing to the wear and tear as well as upgrade in infrastructure. While the bodies of these discarded buses are in unusable condition, the chassis and the engine are generally in good shape. Our project involved prototyping and upcycling a retired bus to refurbish the vehicle for local segregation of waste at event venues. By creating pop-out containers, the bus enables on-site segregation and the additional facilities enable workers to store, separate and remove waste. The design also adds a retractable ramp for the trolley to move in and out of the vehicle.

Project Type: Automobile Design
Clients: Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC)
Fabricator: Damodar Kochkar, Ultra Tech Automotive Pvt. Ltd
Year of Initiation: 2018
Year of Completion: 2019
Location: Pilerne, Goa
Design Team: Nirmal Pillai, Adhiraj Gorule, Hariharasan D, Ruturaj Parikh
Site Area: NA
Built-Up Area: NA
Status: Prototype Complete
Images: Studio Matter