Waste Sorting Centres

As per the mandate issued by the Government of Goa, every village is required to segregate waste locally before dispatching the same waste management facility. To enable this process to manifest efficiently and humanely, a set of prototypes are proposed – a ‘system’ of permutations and combinations wherein each idea is specific to the site and situation all the while employing some fundamental principles that help the process of collection – segregation – treatment easy for the authorities and workers in the domain. The design also attempts to envision varied options for many different situations that may arise thus creating a ‘kit of parts’ that work in permutations and combinations.

Project Type: Industrial Infrastructure
Client: Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC)
Year of Initiation: 2018
Year of Completion: Ongoing
Location: Multiple Sites, Goa
Design Team: Isha Raut, Ankit George, Aliptha Govindu, Vishwa Patel, Tara Chand, Hrushita Davey, Ruturaj Parikh
Site Area: NA
Built-Up Area: Varies
Status: Ongoing
Images: Studio Matter