Under the PMAY scheme, each unit is entitled to 100 Sq. Meters of land in the villages. The proposal looks at the possibility of creating a set of ‘ingredients‘ and not ‘recipes‘ that will enable the poor to build for themselves. The design looks at five configurations of 100 Sq. M land – broken down into smaller parcels of 25 Sq. M each – in a system that will enable interlocking in hundreds of combinations from these five permutations. The idea looks at three essential stages of housing in the villages: Occupation, Domestication and Densification.

Project Type: Rural Housing Concept
Clients: NA – Competition Entry for Ethos
Location: NA – 1 Acre Hypothetical Site
Design Team: Rishiraj Sarkar, Maanasi Hattangadi, Ruturaj Parikh
Site Area: 1 Acre (4000 Sq. M Approximately)
Built-Up Area: NA – Incremental
Status: Conceptual Competition Proposal
Images: Studio Matter