National Competition Entry

The Government of India floated a national competition to design a war memorial and museum on two adjacent sites on the Lutyens grid flanking the India Gate. The site for the war museum had old trees and linear warehousing structures in an orthogonal footprint. The strategy was to retain all trees on the site and use the exiting footprints to design the new museum with floating slabs, bridges, double-heights and underground tunnels. The eventual design also re-uses some of the finer details that exist on the site and creates a rhythm of built and garden spaces for display and leisure.

Project Type: Institutional Museum Competition
Clients: NA – Competition Entry for Ministry of Defence, Government of India
Location: Lutyens Zone, Central Vista, New-Delhi
Design Team: Ritiman Mukherjee, Mansi Patel, Hrushita Davey, Maanasi Hattangadi, Ruturaj Parikh
Year of Completion: 2018
Site Area: 10.71 Acres
Ground Cover: Approx. 3.8 Acres
Status: Conceptual Competition Proposal
Images: Studio Matter