[IN]SIDE is a series of bi-annual journals published by Matter in collaboration with H & R Johnson (India) on Contemporary Architecture and Interior Design in India. The books chronicle and document ideas and work of some of the most thought-provoking practices from India under three segments – Space, Surface and Object. Produced on a high-quality paper and designed in a simple, classic typography, [IN]SIDE reaches an audience of 3500 professionals and institutions of architecture through print and about 20,000 through its digital extension : https://insidereview.in/. With contributions from acclaimed practices and experienced professionals, the journal covers essays, project-reviews, dialogues, photo-essays and critical texts.

Initiative: Publication: Biannual Professional Journal and Digital Media
Brand Involvement: Conceptualisation, Design, Curation, Execution and Outreach
Partners: H & R Johnson (India)
Cycle: Bi-annual
Website: https://insidereview.in/
Reach (Print): 3500 Persons
Reach (Online): 20,000 Persons
Published By: Matter Content Initiative
Cover Price: INR 1500