Graphical Interpretation of the 2011 Census Data

Every decade, the Government of India produces, through an incredible logistical organisation, a document that records essential data on the citizens. While the document itself registers a wide range of human data, there are a few critical indicators that refer to the condition of human settlements and therefore, can aid design and planning of urban and rural densities, and housing. In collaboration with the Census Department, Government of Goa, this report was authored and designed as a ready-reckoner for professionals and academicians who work in the domains of urban planning and housing. The open-source document visualises data to make the same accessible and easy to assimilate.

Initiative: Documentation, Research and Data Visualisation
Research: Dr Gaurav Pandey, Directorate of Census Operations, Government of Goa
Visualisation: Hrushita Davey, Matter
Published by: Matter Content Initiative
Data: 2011 National Census

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