House in Moira (II)
Moira, Goa

A residence with a yoga pavilion in a site capturing gardens

As part of a large site divided in three, the site inherits half of an old structure divided by the new boundary. The found landscape also includes several trees in the south-east corner which form a beautiful shaded cluster. Using a grid as a base, the possible massing options of the residence were explored.

An idea of gardens with varying levels of privacy is executed. The massing arrived at encompasses a controlled central courtyard garden, while also spilling out onto the sprawling site. A wrap around verandah acts as an intermediate between built and unbuilt, cutting down the scale of the building. As required by the clients, a yoga pavilion is designed on the ground floor to be an open, multipurpose space, separated from the rest of the private house by the courtyard.


Project Type: Residential
Client: Nirav Gandhi and Tasneem Nirav Gandhi
Structural Engineer: Yogesh Bhobe
Civil Contractor: Amirchand Pandit
Year of Initiation: 2021
Location: Moira, Goa
Design Team: Bindu Maringanti, Nishank Jain, Radhika Jhamaria, Aliptha Govindu
Site Area: 772 sqm
Built-Up Area: 380 sqm
Status: Under construction
Drawings: Studio Matter

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