House for a Small Bird

Small birds – sparrows, robins, sunbirds and a few urban species nest in architectural pockets within buildings. We are all familiar with nests tucked between rafters, found on utility shelves and between the outdoor units of ACs. Designed for a Bengaluru-based NGO, the Bird House is intended to be made from recycled Tetrapak containers that women in low-income settlements, stitch for reuse. The design challenge is to enable the structure to be stable when expanded and to be compact when collapsed as it would be easy for the NGO to mail the birdhouses in a simple envelope. The perch-stick acts as a structural stiffener and allows the house to be ‘locked’ in position when expanded. The house was mass-produced for Rohan Builders and WYP Brand Solutions in jute-board as a campaign to save small urban birds in Pune.

Initiative: Product Design and Campaign
Patrons / Clients: Devika Krishnan, Rohan Builders and WYP Brand Solutions
Production: Raghunath Y. N, Silverpoint Press, Mumbai
Design and Prototype: Studio Matter
Materials: Recycled Tetrapak (Cleaned and Stitched) and 2MM Jute-Board