Crematorium at Narindrapur
Siwan, Bihar

Responding to the need for a formal structure in which cremations for deceased locals can take place, a Crematorium has been designed and conceptualised on an existing site in Narindrapur, Bihar. The structure aims to gently formalize the rituals and activities on site, by raising a plinth and enveloping the sanctorum with a jaali screen, enabling a visual threshold between the exterior and interior of the space. A central court is carved out within this public structure – enabling the sacred activity of releasing the living from the earth, to have a visual connection to the open sky. The central focus of the space is covered by an asymmetrical concrete roof structure – under which the bodies can rest.

Project Type: Public
Location: Narindrapur, Bihar
Design Team: Isha Raut, Ankit George, Ruturaj Parikh
Site Area: 1350 sq.m.
Built-Up Area: 250 sq.m.
Status: Design Development

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