Citizen’s Map Portal

Designed as a part of the KOKUM initiative, the CITIZEN’S MAP PORTAL is a mobile application that enables citizens of Goa to interact with and understand the Goa State Regional Plan 2021. The plan, a landmark exercise led by Charles Correa with inputs from professionals, administration and citizens saw an unprecedented involvement and interest from the villages and individuals at the grassroots – a plan that was representative of the provisions of the 73rd and 74th amendments of the Indian Constitution. The application design enables a user to switch between Google Maps / Satellite View and the Regional Plan 2021 through a flip.

Initiative: Digital Application for Android and iOS
Lead: Tushita Varma; Kokum Design Trust
Associates: Avik Sarkar, Reboni Saha, Dean D’Cruz, Rahul Basu, Maanasi Hattangadi and Ruturaj Parikh
Digital Coding: Achieveee Design & Development