School Transformation
Benaulim, Goa

BENAULIM SCHOOL TRANSFORMATION was executed through the idea of ‘spot-fix’ by an organisation called ‘The Ugly Indian’. The initiative, funded and initiated by Leena Prakash, brought together citizens from different walks of life and multiple backgrounds to clean, paint and re-organise the outdoor spaces and the disorganised compound of a local school in Benaulim, Goa. The process involved cleaning, scraping, drawing, painting and installing some furniture in the playground of the school. The school saw a drastic change in perception owing to community involvement thus fostering a sense of ownership and belonging.

Initiative: Spot-Fix with Community Participation
Project Lead: The Ugly Indian
Partners: Leena Prakash
Venue: Government Primary School, Benaulim
Timeline: January 2017
Photos: Studio Matter and Various Friends