House in Coonoor
Tamil Nadu

Envisioned as a solid with a carved out central courtyard, the House in Coonoor is located on a sloping site opening out to the hilly landscape. Within a site populated with wild vegetation, the courtyard facilitates a secret garden – capturing a space of delight and changing time. The schema thus encourages the users to interact with more than one kind of landscape.

The spaces are designed with a grid of 4.8m x 4.8m in plan. The surfaces are treated without breaking the grid – with private spaces enclosed in walls and public spaces encased in glass.


Project Type: Residential
Client: Ameet Sikka and Bharat Sikka
Year of Initiation: 2022
Location: Coonoor, Tamil Nadu
Design Team: Radhika Jhamaria, Aliptha Govindu
Site Area: 2225 sqm
Built-Up Area: 590 sqm
Status: Conceptual Development
Drawings and Images: Studio Matter

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