The Smeeta Memorial Centre
Siwan, Bihar

The Smeeta Memorial Centre is a small public intervention is one of many public buildings we have designed through the patronage of Parivartan and Takshila – an organisation working extensively in Siwan, Bihar at the grassroots. It initiates a discussion on the nature of infrastructure, where the programme of the building is not only a problem-solving solution but also acts as a holistic public space integrated in the everyday lives of the community. The Centre is designed as a space for young and adolescent girls who would find a safe space to discuss issues related to health, nutrition, vocation and personal welfare. The space is envisioned to host skits, lectures and community events with two rooms dedicated for more permanent functions.

The porous skin of the building enables the space within to be both secure and yet accessible. Light and breeze will permeate into the space as sound will travel from it. Abundant air circulation through the roof and the brick-screens that travel along the periphery of the structure help in maintaining a comfortable space that could efficiently integrate performance and character in terms of climatic comfort, cost and construction.


Project Type: Public
Client: Sanjiv Kumar Singh
Structural Engineer: SDCON, Patna
Year of Initiation: 2020
Location: Siwan, Bihar
Design Team: Nivedhitha Sekar, Niladri Roy, Aliptha Govindu, Isha Raut
Site Area: NA
Built-Up Area: 195 sqm
Status: Under Construction
Drawings and Images: Studio Matter

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