[IN]SIDE Volume 02 Issue 02 is the fourth in a series of bi-annual journals published by Matter in collaboration with H & R Johnson (India) on Contemporary Architecture and Interior Design in India. The books chronicle and document ideas and work of some of the most innovative designers from India. This issue includes works and ideas of Dinesh Vyas, Verendra WakhlooMobile OfficesPhantom HandsRiyaz TayyibjiDr Anuradha ChatterjeeSpace MattersDhananjay Shinde Design StudioDS2 ArchitectsStudio Acrobat, Bijoy Jain, and CollectiveProject. The 200-page book contains more than 350 full-colour images, drawings, essays, dialogues and editorial on projects of many scales and typologies.


If you wish to order a copy write to us at think@matter.co.in. Controlled-circulation copies are dispatched on the priority of the request. Each copy is available at a discounted price of INR 1000/-.

For students of architecture and design, a limited number of library copies are reserved for dispatch on request from the dean/librarian.

Matter: think@matter.co.in  |  +91 7756009588

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