An Anganwadi is a basic infrastructure – a space through which the Government of India implements its Integrated Child Development through the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Goa has more than 1200 notified Anganwadi centres. This omnipresent typology needs a fresh look and a thought process through which one can create a ‘kit-of-parts’ approach to design and deployment of this essential infrastructure. More importantly, the Anganwadis need to be safe, exciting and humane works of architecture.

What will you learn from this workshop?

We will explore new ways of thinking about architecture around children – design, scale, detail, surfaces and the idea of play! We will also think of ways of making this model economical, prototypical, incremental and easy to build in remote areas in Goa. The idea will be presented to the Department of Women and Child Development for critical feedback and further action.

Who can participate?

Architects, urban designers, product designers, furniture designers, sociologists, behavioural scientists, child psychologists and anyone interested in the anganwadi idea, having relevant field experience.

About the mentors:

MATTER is an architecture, design and publishing studio based out of Goa. Our work aims to celebrate the diversity and richness of ideas and practices that are quintessentially Indian and relate to challenges and opportunities that are presented by our landscape.

PLAYGROUP STUDIO is an architecture studio that believes in exploring a simple, user-centric approach to design. It strives to develop innovative economical designs with simple prevalent techniques of construction.

MISSION ANGANWADI is a long-term collaborative project that includes multiple Government and Private stake-holders working towards implementation of the ICDS in letter and spirit for the state of Goa

Matter Logo_Black.png   Anganwadi_Logo_.jpg     plogo.jpeg

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